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NRAD XX Results




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NRAD XX completes in Crystal City, VA

Welcome to Crystal City, VA. This is the 20th annual National Racquetball Association for the Deaf with 42 players attended this annual event. This location  is surrounded by several special points of interests including Washington DC. This includes the White House, Capitol Hill House and many more. The host club is Sports and Health club in Crystal City Gateway and belongs to one of the largest family of health club with 27 locations in Virginia, Maryland and DC. Crystal City Gateway Club has 7 racquetball courts, basketball court, 2 tennis court, weight room and other cardio equipments all in the underground location.

The tournament ran very smoothly with NRAD board assisting the staff. We had 42 players competing in 14 events from in 10 states as far as from California. All events are double elimination which allows the players an opportunity to play at least two matches per event. The largest event was Men’s C with 14 players and had several long exciting matches. Please click this link to see the results.

Tournament results:

Men Division Open

Believe it or not!  Two NRAD retirees finally appeared the tournament.  They captured the first and second place awards.  How come did they call the retirees???  Jamie Clark of Maryland and Eric Reed of Virginia played very well enough to attract more spectators.  The scores were as follows:  1st game: 15-8; 2nd game: 15-3.

Men Division A

Daryl Frelich, “Rookie or Newly Maryland” NRAD player received a nice Christmas gift from Albert Benedict of Maryland.  Albert decided to forfeit the game because he did not have enough strength to play due to his three other events.

Men Division B

The exciting three games between Scott Henry of DC and Thomas Burnside of Virginia, they desired very hard to find a way of getting the first place.  Unfortunately, Scott made some errors allowing Thomas to receive the 1st place award. The scores were as follows:  1st game: 11-15; 2nd game: 15-14; and 3rd game:  11-6.

Men Division C

Cheol Kim of Virginia found an energy bottle to help him beat the hard work, Roy Crumrine of Maryland in the final game.  Roy did make it out to beat him in the second game.  The third game was very close, but it was really very exciting game for Cheol to win the final game. The scores were as follows:  1st game: 15-5; 2nd game: 11-15 and 3rd game:  11-8.

Men Novice

Dennis Cregan of District of Columbia was shocked by losing the first game due to very close score; He then bounced back in the second and crushed Franklin Torres of Virginia in the tiebreaker.  Dennis deserved to pick up the 1st place award. The scores were as follows:  1st game: 11-15; 2nd game: 15-2; and 3rd game:  11-1.

Men Division A35+

Jamie Clark of Maryland noticed that Jeff Lubman of California had a full of pain in his body.  Jeff was so stubborn to resume playing racquetball despite all pains in his body.  It was not easy for Jamie to beat Jeff.  He sweated very hard and picking up 1st place award. The scores were as follows:  1st game: 15-9; 2nd game: 15 to 12.  Jamie Clark really enjoyed himself to celebrate the “Clark” day because he captured two different first place awards in Divisions Open and A35+ as well as returning to NRAD after a long lay off.

Men Division B35+

John Scotton of Maryland gave Dan Timlen, Maryland a difficult time in the first game and Dan won the next two consecutive games.  Unfortunately, John’s energy ran out in the second and third games due to other events.  Dan won the 1st place award. The scores were as follows:  1st game: 13-15; 2nd game: 15-4; and 3rd game:  11-2.

Men Division C35+

Oskar Aguilar of California announced “PAH!”  Why?  Finally, he won the 1st place with the undefeated records.  He beat Michael Kramer of New York, Javon Whetter and Joseph Tsai of California.  Oskar participated NRAD Championships Tournament for many years, but he never won the 1st place.  Oskar realized that he got older to gather more skill and wisdom.

Men Division A45+

Albert Benedict of Maryland should send “Thank You” card to Stewart Gerlis of New York and Greg Brown of Arizona because they battled each other to win the games.  Unfortunately, they already burnt out their energy due to 60ish.  Albert battled with Stewart in the first round.  Despite Stewart’s injury, he tried very hard to beat Albert.  The three games scored very, very close.  In the second round, Stewart’s left arm and leg already burned out and has decided to forfeit the game.  Albert received the handsome first place award while Stewart settled down with his second place award.

Women Division C

Lori Lutz of Virginia took the time to practice at Gallaudet University prior to this NRAD tournament.  She did however beat Stacy Nowak, which was not easy. Despite Stacy’s new course, racquetball, she is very strongly involved with USA Deaf Basketball and Volleyball for the Deaf Olympic.  She quickly was able to pick up her racquetball skill, but made many unenforceable errors in the third game to give Lori’s winning. The scores were as follows:  1st game: 15-2; 2nd game: 10-15; and 3rd game:  11-1.

Men Group 1 Doubles:

Bill Milbach of Maryland and Eric Reed of Virginia puffed their “14K Gold” cigars to capture their first place awards.  Hey!  What happened to Jamie Clark of Maryland?  Did he realize that he failed to win the Triple award?  Perhaps, the doubles games were not his thing.

Men Group 2 Doubles:

What did you think if two “60ish” elders had been washed up?  Scott Henry of Washington, D.C. and Dan Timlen of Maryland were shocked and played with sweat to beat Greg Brown of Arizona and Stewart Gerlis of New York.  The scores were as follows:  1st game: 15-14; 2nd game: 15-12.

Men Group 3 Doubles:

Mark Heflin and Daniel Koo of Maryland got big breath to learn that they won the first place by counting the points of six points difference.  They tied with Patrick Rubio and Jevon Whetter of California on the records (5 wins; 1 lost).  The tournament director decided to grant Mark and Daniel the first place awards because of points differences.

Mixed Group 2 Doubles:

It was more challenging games between the experts and rookies.  The experts realized that it was not easy to beat the rookies.  The winners went to Greg Brown of Arizona and Tara Miller of Wisconsin.  Daryl Frelich and Flavia Flesicher accepted to receive the second place awards, but they already picked up more experiences and skills in the doubles in their future tournaments.  

See you next year in Fullerton, CA. Watch the website for more information!


Stewie Gerlis, Vice President 

Here we come: California for NRAD XXI Championship Tournament.

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